This first postwar Jaguar saloon is only a slight upgrade from the prewar SS Saloons with a change of name for obvious reasons, basically an operation for the factory to be “on the road” again fast!

*Currently undergoing a complete engine renewal !

This model is a RHD 3.5Litre 6 cyl version, delivered originally during 1946 to the Swiss Universal Watch factory in Geneva and has been fastidiously maintained by the family till well into the 70’s, then stored and forgotten in a garage in Madrid  due to owners aging. Since it has changed hands to a classic car loving friend of the family and 5 years ago he decided to recuperate the MK IV back to it’s original condition.

An exhaustive but sympathetic restoration began from chassis up, engine, mechanics, brakes, drive train, body work, electrical circuit (new cabling), the interior, chrome work, nothing left untouched and all with original parts where possible or serviced or repaired or recreated by the hands of artisans in each area. Needless to mention at high cost and a few headaches.

Now fully enjoyable, documented with Spanish historic plates, MOT and insurance plus a Heritage Certificate by the JD Trust, this is a special example of possibly the most elegant saloon of the era, Jaguar’s for sure. Current owner is selling because he now also finds himself of an age whereby properly enjoying and maintaining this icon is beyond him.

The MKIV is now ready for inspection in Madrid, please contact below for price, in English, Español, Nederlands, Deutsch or Français.

E-mail:                Tel.:     +34 678 738 727

For sale, a rare historic jewel: the Jaguar saloon MK IV 3.5Litre